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Pandemic Crime

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Firm News

The pandemic has impacted every aspect of life including crime.  Certain types of crime are actually on the rise as a result of the pandemic.  Due to the fact that people have been forced to remain in their homes and around the people they live with for extended periods of time, domestic violence arrests have increased.  In addition, due to the financial hardships many people have encountered different types of theft crimes are on the rise including retail frauds and larcenies.  The West Michigan Defense Team is here to help and has been open to assist those in need of a criminal defense attorney since the very beginning of the pandemic.  While we are sensitive to the issues and concerns brought about by Covid, we have been able to successfully navigate the pandemic and assist our clients during these trying times.

While the pandemic has brought about an increase in certain types of crimes, it has also changed how courts in West Michigan and all across the state do business.  Courts all over West Michigan have transitioned to virtual court via Zoom to protect court staff as well as members of the public from potential exposure to Covid.  It is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney who understands the dynamics of virtual court and knows how each specific judge approaches virtual court.  In many instances court can be handled ahead of time, but it takes an attorney who is proactive and who knows the prosecutors and the court staff to properly deal with criminal cases in the world of Covid.  The attorneys at the West Michigan Defense Team are well connected, understand the ins and outs of virtual court, and are proactive.  In these difficult  times worrying about your criminal case just adds additional stress to the many problems the pandemic has thrust upon us.  It’s essential that you hire an attorney who can effectively navigate the new course that has been set in the criminal justice system by the pandemic.  Call us at 616-233-9162 or contact one of our experienced lawyers today!