Do I Have to Cooperate With a Police Investigation?

By West Michigan Defense Team

It’s early in the morning and you hear a knock on your door, you think to yourself “who the heck could that be?”  As you make your way to the door an uneasy feeling comes over you and you realize it is the police.  Apparently they would like to ask you a few questions about an incident that took place.  If you think this will never happen to you, you are probably right, but for those few unlucky people who do have the misfortune of the police knocking at their door, it is important to do what is in your best interest.

First of all, detectives investigating crimes in Michigan and even those officers who are on road patrol and merely following up on a complaint, will typically try to engage individuals who are under investigation and appear to be a friend.  This tactic is utilized to put individuals at ease and often results in them being off guard, allowing the investigating officer to obtain answers to questions that can be incriminating and damaging to the person answering the questions.  Most people when approached by the police automatically think that they have to cooperate with their investigation and answer all of their questions.  There is absolutely no obligation to speak with the police about an ongoing criminal investigation if you do not want to do so.  However, police often times lead people to believe that they do not have a choice in the matter.

The important thing to do when being investigated for a crime by the police is to immediately contact an attorney.  The words “I am going to speak with an attorney and do not want to talk to you” should immediately result in the end of the conversation with the police.  If the police don’t seem willing to take this as your indication that you no longer wish to speak with them it is important to continue to tell  them you will be speaking with an attorney and that you do not wish to speak with them further.  The police,  when investigating a crime where you are a suspect are not your friends.  They have a job to do and they will accomplish that job by any means necessary, even pretending to be on your side.  The criminal defense attorneys at the West Michigan Defense Team know all the tactics police investigators utilize and also know how to effectively protect the rights and interests of those who are being investigated by the police.  Too much is at stake when it comes to a criminal investigation. Contact the West Michigan Defense Team today, or give us a call.