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When a crime gets physical it also becomes more serious, with cases that result in death being the most serious of all. Injury to a victim or the use of a weapon are among the triggers that prosecutors look for in how to deal with a particular offense or offenses. The West Michigan Defense Team has represented clients charged with a wide range of violent crimes, from murder all the way down to simple assault and battery cases arising out of bar fights.

Each case, regardless of the injury to the victim, is important to us because it is important to you, the client. And each case gets the benefit of the entire team of attorneys working on it – more than 85 years of combined legal experience.

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What Are The Violent Crimes Charges?

Violent crimes, also referred to as assaultive crimes, vary substantially in Michigan. There are multiple classes or categories of assaultive statutes. The basic definition of an assaultive crime begins with an assault. An assault is simply the unlawful and intentional threat of bodily harm to another attached with the ability to carry out the act. Additionally, the victim needs to recognize the threat intended.

The more common assaultive crime attaches to it another element of assault, which is known as battery. Battery occurs when an individual makes a willful and intentional contact with a victim and it is made against the victim’s consent.

The most serious misdemeanor assault charge is aggravated assault, which requires that you actually cause a “serious or aggravated injury.”

Violent Crimes Involving Weapons

The definition of felonious assault is essentially assault with a dangerous weapon. The term “other dangerous weapon” means “any object that is used in a way that is likely to cause serious physical injury or death.” Some things like guns, knives, brass knuckles and other typical weapons obviously would meet the definition of “dangerous weapon.” But even something designed for a completely peaceful purpose can be a “dangerous weapon” if it is used or intended to be used in a way likely to cause serious physical injury or death. A common example is a car or glass bottle. When there is a question as to whether or not something like this is a “dangerous weapon,” it is up to a jury to decide.

The Most Serious Violent Crimes Charges

Assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder (also commonly called “assault GBH”), means that the prosecutor is alleging that you intended to cause a “serious injury of an aggravated nature.” Assault with the intent to murder is a felony and means exactly as it sounds. You are being charged with allegedly injuring someone only because you were not successful in killing them.

Other assault crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • Torture

  • Assault with intent to maim

  • Assault with intent to commit a felony

  • Assault with intent to rob and steal (armed or unarmed)

  • Sexual intercourse under pretext of medical treatment, enhancements for assaults against women who are pregnant, and those circumstances involving government employees

There is often a defense to these crimes, such as self-defense or mutual combatant situations. It is not uncommon for the “winner” of a consensual fight, or even started by another, to be the one charged with the crime. We will review all the circumstances surrounding your charges to provide the best defense possible.

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