What Happens If I am Charged With Domestic Violence?

By West Michigan Defense Team

Many people don’t understand or are not aware of the ramifications associated with a domestic violence charge.  First of all, when an individual is charged with domestic violence they are typically arrested and have to go to jail.  Upon bonding out of jail, there is typically a non contact order put into place that prohibits contact with the victim in the domestic violence case.  This can be problematic on a number of levels.  The biggest problem is that most people involved in domestic violence typically reside together.  Upon being released from jail an individual may find themselves homeless because they can not have contact with not only the victim of the alleged domestic violence assault but also the residence where that victim lives.

The second issue that often times arises in domestic violences cases involves children.  If the parties to a domestic violence incident have children, the alleged perpetrator of the act of domestic violence may have a difficult time seeing their children as a result of the no contact order in place disallowing contact with the victim.  Furthermore, a person claiming to be a victim of domestic violence may also petition the family law court to seek suspension of  parenting time, utilizing the alleged act of domestic violence as a basis to suspend parenting time with the other parent.

Finally,  if charged with domestic violence there could actually be employment ramifications.  Companies are becoming less tolerant of those who are alleged to have committed acts of domestic violence as evidenced by what has occurred in professional sports.  Employers are starting to follow the lead of the NFL, MLB, and NBA and typically initiate a zero tolerance approach to domestic violence cases. Even if you have not been convicted you may find yourself out of a job.

With all that is at stake it is increasingly important to find the best domestic violence attorney in Grand Rapids and the surrounding West Michigan area.  We handle domestic violence cases in all West Michigan Courts.  Our experience handling hundreds of domestic violence cases gives us the knowledge and no how to effectively defend you against allegations of domestic violence.  Call our West Michigan Domestic Violence attorneys today if you or someone you know is facing domestic violence charges. Contact us today or give us a call!